Sneeze Guards & Partitions in Hillsboro, OR

Custom-Made to Fit Your Needs

Ryan Industries

Is turning our metal fabrication expertise towards
Custom Sneeze Guards and Partitions.

Are you adding extra precautions to your store or workplace to protect your customers and employees? We’re building sneeze guards and partitions. Contact us. We will work with you to create dividers that fit your needs and your space.

Modular Space Partitions

Our partitions are modular and use aluminum frames for ease of transport and assembly. Full-height freestanding, countertop, and hanging are some of the standard styles. Need them to be adjustable, or to have shelves? Looking for sneeze guards that are angled instead of vertical? Partitions produced by Ryan Industries are fully customizable.

The room partitions we produce have easy-to-sanitize surfaces. These portable barriers can be moved easily to reflect social distancing standards and changes in regulations. They can be used in offices, bakeries, retail stores, salons, restaurants, and more. Our sneeze guards are great for cashiers, desks, and even market stalls.

Custom Sneeze Guard at the Register

Cashier Sneeze Guard at Bowery Bagels. Created and custom-fit by Ryan Industries.

Custom Sneeze Guard at a Coffe Bar

Coffee Bar Sneeze Guard at Bowery Bagels. Custom-clamp designed to protect counter surface.

Custom Sneeze Guards for Counters and More

This coffee bar sneeze guard and register sneeze guard were made for Bowery Bagels. The shields are acrylic and the frame is aluminum. They are clamp-mounted as to stay secure without damaging the countertops. No holes or adhesive were used.

Aluminum is the main material we use for our frames. If needed, other metals, such as stainless steel, can be used. The shields are made of acrylic or plastic—your specification. They can be white, clear, opaque or semi-transparent. Interested in other materials? Contact us.

Turn your sneeze guard or partition into a sign

We offer printable plastic for partition shields. This is a good way to enhance your social distancing signage, add advertising, or reinforce your branding.

Contact us to place an order or to learn more about our sneeze guards and partitions.