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Mounting Bases for EV Charging Stations in Hillsboro, OR

Supporting the Growth of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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Ryan Industries

Is turning our metal fabrication expertise towards
EV Infrastructure.

Need durable, quality, custom mounting bases for your EV charging station project? Ryan Industries has been working with businesses like yours throughout Oregon and Washington to fill your project needs. Put our years of metalwork experience to work for you.

Our covers are galvanized and have powder coated covers to protect against the notorious weather of the pacific northwest. Further protection is provided by overlapping the cover at the seams to create a nice fit.

EV charging station base without cover

An EV charging station base, made to spec, without its cover.

EV charging station base with open cover

The galvanized base and powder-coated cover.

EV charging station base with closed cover

The cover, closed and overlapping.

EV charging station base in use

Finished base in use with a Tritium Charger.

Examples of EV Bases We've Made

Base for EV charger outside of Fred Meyer store
Base for EV charger outside of Fred Meyer store
Custom Sneeze Guard near a street
Base for EV charger outside of hotel

We also fabric accessorial equipment enclosures.

Custom Fabricated Equipment Closure

Finished equipment enclosure for another project.

Contact us to place an order or to learn more about how we can help your infrastructure project.

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