We fabricate a wide array of different projects.

Everything from the mundane and common, to some very interesting projects that you may have seen around and not known where they came from. Below are some examples. More photos can be found on the About Us page and our Instagram feed.

New Projects

Formed Projects

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Metal formed HVAC Shroud
HVAC Shroud
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Metal formed Seismic Brackets
Seismic Brackets
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 Metal formed Channels
Formed Channels
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Metal formed ECM Mounts
ECM Mounts
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Metal formed Stair Treads
Formed Stair Treads

Miscellaneous Projects

Formed and punched metal security brackets

Security Brackets

OSU FERL Building Art Panels

OSU FERL Building Art Panels

iPad and Brochure Kiosk

iPad and Brochure Kiosk

Foabricated aluminum Steps

Aluminum Steps

Fabricated stainless steel oven transfer fart

Stainless Oven Transfer Cart

Fabricated metal imbeds


Fabricated metal frames

Fabricated Frames

Metal gate repaired by Ryan Industries

Gate Repaired

Panel Latches

Panel Latches

Test Head Cart

Test Head Cart

Fabricated metal Y-Cart


Tube Mold Cart

Tube Mold Cart

Molds and Molded Projects

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Fabricated mold for Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tank Mold
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Pallet Mold
Pallet Mold
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Split Lid Mold
Split Lid Mold
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Tote cast from a Ryan metal mold
Tote from a Ryan Mold
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Planters on Broadway cast from a Ryan metal mold
Planters on Broadway from a Ryan Mold
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Quick coat drum mold and Tank Mold
Quick Coat Drum and Tank Molds
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Paint tray mold and storage building mold
Paint Tray and Storage Building Molds

Rotational Molds

Ryan Industries, has been fabricating molds for the rotational plastics industry for 40 years, and knows how to build them right. Large and small; steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we have built all kinds; including tanks, tubs, planters, drums, outhouses and even boats. We can also repair or modify existing molds.